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Regular 1 or 1½ hour sessions recommended.  Tuition fees include personalised revision targeting, tailored planning and marking of homework assignments
Small tutorial group sessions also available comprising 4 students

Group Tuition

Chemistry, Biology, Physics (GCSE/iGCSE) - JMT

Tutorials aimed at understanding of current work covered in school.   Hands-on resources specifically designed to facilitate complex ideas.  Exam practice included in programme (subject to time available).  Working Scientifically and Maths are an important component of the new curriculum, and these will be addressed during tuition

A-Level Geology - JMT

Tutoring offered for both OCR and WJEC (Eduqas) exam boards.  Tailored tutoring utilising past exam questions to consolidate classwork.  Help with practical work and field techniques also offered.


GCSE Maths - external tutor

Private tutoring by a specialist teacher - please contact for further details 

A-Level Chemistry & Biology - external tutor

Private tutoring by a specialist teacher - please contact for further details 

Science Beakers

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