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Group Tuition is a cost-effective choice for some parents with the advantage that enables students to form study-budies.  They can be topic specific (ie. ionic compounds) or with the same group of students covering topics of their choice
A group consists of four students:
  • all studying the same exam Board
  • all working towards the same level (ie. foundation or higher - Double or Triple Award)
  • each "session" lasts for four consecutive meetings
  • sessions last for 1.30 mins
  • exam materials and light refreshments are supplied - please bring stationary and revision books
  • sessions can be as regular as the group requires (ie. over a week, fortnight or month)

Commitment is a prime requirement, therefore payment of each "identified" session is required upfront:
£20 per 1.30 min meeting = £80 per 4-meeting session


Please do ring me to discuss your particular requirements.  It might be possible to arrange half-day or one-day practical science workshops to suit KS1, KS2 and KS3

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